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Design your Satoshi gift

Do you want to give away Sats on-chain? This site helps you get a gift wrap for a seed phrase visualized as a Bitcoin note. All you need is our print template, a printer, scissors and glue. You do NOT get your seed phrase from us, NOR do we ask for it.

Notice: Nocoiners tend to lose their seed phrase. Keep a copy of it until your recipient has transferred his Satoshis.

Attention: Give away only self-generated seed phrases, so that the recipient only needs to trust you.

Design your Bitcoin Gift

Bitcoin bill front side
Not your keys, not your bitcoins
0.00021000 of 21 million bitcoin
bitcoin world's money
Bitcoin address as qr-code

Block time:
Catch phrase:
Create a seed phrase in your preferred way. [more]
Create a seed phrase in your preferred way. We recommend: Mnemonic Code Converter or a Bitcoin on-chain wallet [less]
Public key:

About us

We believe in Bitcoin, in its improvements for a stable society and in its ability to leverage global wellfare.
In our opinion, the best present for no-coiners are a few Sats. That's why we like to give them to family, friends or acquaintances.
Every time we designed a Satoshi present we have wished for a web service that would save us time. For other Bitcoiners sharing our need, we have created a web service for easy and awesome Satoshi gifts.
Use it for free or donate value for value to help cover our investments and running costs.

Why give some Sats away?

Why give some bitcoin away?
Those who own bitcoin will defend Bitcoin.
Possessing Satoshis beats Bitcoin FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).
Every Bitcoin Bill is a ticket into the rabbit hole.
Giving away Sats helps distribute Bitcoin fairly.
Bitcoin is limited and decentralized. Let people you love participate.
Giving bitcoin away feels good. ❤


... make sure nobody can transfer your Bitcoin or Satoshis? Send it to your own Seed phrase. Beforehand get familiar with how Bitcoin works.
Bitcoin bills - easy how to

... check the value of your integrated wallet

Take a picture of the QR code on your Bitcoin Bill. Use your phone's camera or a QR code scanner app. Copy the content of the QR code.
Use private mode in your browser and open
Paste the content of the QR code into the search field.
Bitcoin explorer
The search field will show something like:
Bitcoin explorer address
Delete the phrase "bitcoin:" from the search field. Now it should show:
Bitcoin explorer trimmed address
Start search by pressing the button with the magnifying glass icon.
Under the heading address you will now find the balance of your Bitcoin paper bill.
Bitcoin explorer balance
done 😍

... withdraw Sats from your bill

Attention: It’s best practice to create a new wallet if some one might still have access to your seed phrase. Even if you trust them that they’re not going to steal from you. Be aware: Not your keys, not your Bitcoins.
Withdraw bitcoin from your bill
To withdraw your Satoshis, a Bitcoin on-chain wallet is needed.
Use Choose-Your-Wallet to find the right Bitcoin on-chain wallet for you.
The next steps are based on the example of BlueWallet:
Download and install BlueWallet on your mobil phone.
Open BlueWallet → select "Add a wallet" → select "Type: Bitcoin" → select: "Import wallet"
Unpick your Bitcoin Bill and capture the words of the seed phrase.
Enter the seed phrase per the directions in Blue Wallet.
Select wallet → Send → Insert recipient's address → Confirm
Attention: Protect your seed phrase well. Keep it secret.
done 😍

21,000 thanks helping us keep our service alive

Do you like our service too? You can also donate value by value via the Lightning network or on-chain. It is solely your decision. We trust you.
10% of your donation we are going to give to Bitcoin for Fairness. Feel free to put it on top. 😘

Donate via Lightning

1. Scan the qr-code or use the Lightning address
2. Enter your donation amount
3. Send
Giving thanks with bitcoin, satoshi or sats


Donate on-chain

1. Scan the qr-code or use the on-chain address
2. Enter your donation amount
3. Send
Giving thanks with bitcoin, satoshi or sats